Orchard Practices

belehris estates almondsbelehris estate almondsbelehris estate almondsbelehris estate almonds

Here at Belehris Estates we recognise the importance of Eco - Friendly farming practices. We acknowledge that BALANCE is crucial in sustainable agriculture systems.

Our on-farm managerial practices start with the well being of our trees and ground. We under- take leaf and soil analysis which indicate to us, levels of trace elements and minerals that exist in both these areas.

From this we then put a fertiliser program together, consisting of trace elements and minerals that are required, eg calcium ,phosphorus, magnesium together with beneficial microbes that are applied to the soil through the irrigation system and/ or sprayed on the foliage. The microbes break down these elements in the soil, and make it readily available in the soil for the plant to take up.

Depending on what time of the year it is and at what growing stage the tree is at, will also regulate what procedures are performed.

During the colder winter months the trees are dormant and are inactive. They do not require a great deal of “food” for energy or water during this period, but small quantities are given so that when the tree does begin to awake, it is already there for its consumption.

With the onset of the warmer spring days, the trees become covered in picturesque, snow-like blooms and then the leaves and small nuts become evident. It is in this period that the foliage and the nuts are developing, that the tree needs regular feeding and weekly irrigation sessions are implemented.

belehris estates almondsbelehris estates almonds

It is vital that the trees and the crop of almonds receive adequate fertiliser and water, as this determines the size of the yield, and also the texture of the kernel . Making sure the orchard is at its optimum health, will also determine the yield for the forthcoming harvest.

Almonds are great lovers of water and require 400 Kl per hectare per week.

All our irrigation systems have been designed to be the most efficient and accurate. The systems are the most up to date, state of the art modern technology available.
With computer programmes linked to our irrigation systems, and specially placed sensoring probes in allocated areas in the property, we are able to see how far in the soil, water and fertilisers have reached and also the temperature of the soil.

Temperature of 15°C and above are needed in the soil, as to achieve the best working conditions for the living micro-organisms (microbes) to be able to achieve maximum results.

Whilst almost being classified as ORGANIC in our practices, we do declare our product as being PESTICIDE FREE, and this is stated on our 12.5 Kg carton.

So much pride is taken with the overall appearance of the properties that they are often selected by government bodies to bring public figures for visits to view its revolutionary farming practices such as Mr Malcom Turnbull- (former Liberal Minister for Environment} Mrs Karlene Maywald (former Minister for Water Security), Senator Nick Xenaphon ,former premier of South Australia - Mike Rann and even the controversial MP Bob Catter.

Even to this day we have close connections to Senator Nick Xenaphon , often discussing the many issues the agriculture section is faced with and the country as a whole.

belehris estates almondsbelehris estates almonds