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We grow the most popular variety – the NON-PAREIL, and also the CARMEL and PRICE which are the pollinators for the Non-pareil.
We need the three varieties grown together to ensure optimal pollination.

We have two grades – Premium and Broken in all varieties.

– Is our classification where we strive for perfection. This means less than 1% of chipped or broken product and our guarantee of exceptional flavour, crunch and a beautiful appearance.

– Is our classification of almonds that have been damaged through the hulling and shelling process only. This product is excellent for manufacturing, where it is used as an ingredient. Over 60% of this product has only minor scratches and can be used as a retail product. We are meticulous in our sorting process to ensure the Premium product is unsurpassed in the marketplace.


Non-Pareil is the most preferred eating variety due to its light golden colour and its recognition within the marketplace for a number of years.


Carmel is great for roasting as the flavours become intensified when roasted.


Price almonds are lighter in colour than the Carmel variety but slightly darker than the Non-pareil. They are great eaten in their raw state and excellent for roasting and as an ingredient in manufacturing.

International standards

Almond sizes are classified in accordance with international standards; number of nuts per ounce:

Contact Information

Export and Domestic sales enquiries for quantities over 500Kg – call Jim 0408807814

For quantities under 500kg – call Nina 0407807814

We are happy to organise postage anywhere in Australia for smaller purchases.

(minimum quantity is 1 carton – 12.5Kg)

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