Belehris Estates

Welcome to Belehris Estates, located in the pristine area of Cooltong, on the outskirts of Renmark, South Australia, 250 km North-East from the city of Adelaide.

 Established in 1997, we are a 100% Australian family-owned and operated company, supplying premium almonds to Australia and around the world.

Our focus is producing a product that exceeds customers’ expectations with every carton opened, grown in the most natural way.

Having a personal overview of all aspects of the business, enables us to produce a product that is PESTICIDE FREE, UN-PASTEURISED and Non-FUMIGATED. This provides our customers with almonds that are full of flavour, super crunchy and without depleting vital nutrients.

Our emphasis on attention to detail in our orchards’ presentation, exceptional quality standards and professional operating procedures are recognised throughout the Almond Industry.

Renown for these meticulous standards, we have earnt a reputation by wholesalers, retailers, and the general public as providing perhaps –


With over 20 years of experience and knowledge of growing and marketing almonds, our name “BELEHRIS ESTATES” has become synonymous in the marketplace as “THE ALMONDS IN THE BROWN BOX”

We invite you to visit us at our property and show you through our beautiful orchards and our packing facility. Come and enjoy a coffee with us.

Jim Belehris


Our commitment

Sustainable Farming

Our orchards are managed differently, as we believe you have to work with mother nature and not against her. This is why we apply naturally derived fertilisers and use soil biology in conjunction with efficient irrigation practices and the use of solar energy to reduce carbon footprint.

Attention to Detail

Being a family-owned business we have the ability to oversee every aspect of our operation. Attention to detail begins with the management of the orchards, the harvesting and through to the processing. This allows us to deliver a superior product in every carton, every day, every year – as we have done for over two decades.

Premium Product

For us to achieve a Premium product, we only grow and market our own almonds. Where we are not only in control of how we manage our orchards, but the numerous people that we work with. From employees, hulling plant operators, carriers, and a multitude of other individuals who we have carefully selected to compliment the entire process.

Meaningful Relationships

We believe for our business not only to succeed but thrive, we understand that relationships with our customers, no matter how big or small, and furthermore relationships with everybody we work with, need to be held in high esteem and respected. This mindset has helped us achieve many longstanding relationships to the point we are still dealing with our very first customer.

Enviromental Care

Our orchard


Our Varieties

The three varieties grown in our orchards are the Non-pareil, the Carmel and the Price.

The Non-pareil is first to become available in the marketplace in early March, followed with the Carmel and Price varieties accessible in May.

By being self-efficient with our harvesting and transporting machinery, we can harvest, process and package our almonds within days of them being harvested.

This means that they are ready for dispatch from tree to the customer in 5 days, making them arguably the freshest product in the marketplace.


Local & International

With over two decades of marketing our almonds domestically and internationally, we have the ability to ship from one carton anywhere in Australia, through to larger shipments anywhere in the world. We work together with great shipping companies that ensure that your product is transported carefully, guaranteeing your order arrives in a timely manner in pristine condition.


We also have all the accreditations in place and can organise documentation for export orders, making shipping to anywhere in the world simple.


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