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The Tiny Hero of the Almond Industry

When people think about growing almonds, bees and pollination do not tend to come to mind.

However, the task of pollination that bees do is incredibly important for fruit set – or the formation of the almonds. Beehives are brought into the orchards in late-July to early-August, coming out of the Australian winter, to pollinate almond orchards. Pollination ensures a good yield, but also helps the bees, with the almond flower nectar strengthening them to multiply their numbers.

Almond Blossom
Bee cross pollinating almond flowers


– Koula Belehris

It is from this that they can be transferred to national parks in the spring and summer when they are strong, healthy, and energised – this is vital for a thriving ecosystem. But this is not only a plus for the almond industry! The bees ensure a thriving honey industry in Australia, which is renowned for producing a high-end product, that people can be confident in feeding to their families. Aside from the product itself, the Australian honey industry stimulates the economy and creates jobs for many Australians – something we can be proud of, and all thanks to the bees! This is particularly important when considering the production of Manuka Honey, with Australia being one of the only two countries to produce it worldwide. Manuka Honey is often hailed as a hero ingredient due to its antibacterial properties (it has been used in the fight against superbugs resistant to antibiotics), and healing properties for wounds, skin conditions, gum disease and sore throats.

So now that we are aware of just how much bees do for the almond industry, and beyond, we can appreciate them more when we open an orchard-fresh carton of Belehris Estate’s almonds!

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