Product Information

The Carmel is also a “Pollinator”, which pollinates the Non-pareil during the flowering period. It is the last to flower and the last to be harvested. Highly favoured and sought after in the manufacturing sector, our customers recognise it for the ability to intensify in flavour when roasted/baked because of it’s higher oil content, Perfect as an ingredient in biscuits, cakes and all desserts and savoury dishes.

What makes our Products

stand Out


Our almonds are rich in sweet flavours, have a delightful crunch and are not pasteurised or fumigated. This means all their goodness are not depleted, ensuring you are eating the healthiest of almonds possible.


Non-pareil variety is the first to become available in the marketplace in early March. This is followed by the Price and Carmel varieties available in May.


We export our almonds to many countries all over the world. Deliveries to major Australian cities, can be made within 1-3 business days. All buyers large and small are important to us.


We provide PREMIUM and BROKEN product for purchase. PREMIUM: An exceptional flawless product – aimed for the buyers that appreciate nothing but the best. BROKEN: Almonds that have been chipped or scratched through the hulling and shelling process – perfect for roasting or as an ingredient in manufacturing.

Passion for Quality

Having a beautiful tasting product, perfectly packed in its freshest state is what we thrive on providing to our customers every single year.


Local & International

With over two decades of marketing our almonds domestically and internationally, we have the ability to ship from one carton anywhere in Australia, through to larger shipments anywhere in the world. We work together with great shipping companies that ensure that your product is transported carefully, guaranteeing your order arrives in a timely manner in pristine condition.

We also have all the accreditations in place and can organise documentation for export orders, making shipping to anywhere in the world simple.

Quality Assurance

Our Process