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It’s Harvest Time

We are now at the most exciting time in the almond industry, harvest!


During this time, we send our shaker through the properties. This is a piece of machinery with a giant clamp which grips the trees individually and shakes them until all the almonds fall to the ground. Although a repetitive task, it is nonetheless a meticulous one that Jim insists on doing completely himself to ensure it is completed to his expectations.


After a few days, these almonds are swept up and prepared to transport to the hulling and shelling plant, to remove the shell and husk. Jim has established a solid rapport with the owners of this plant to the extent that they understand the level of perfection we strive to attain with Belehris Estates product, and they work with us to achieve that.


Our product is returned to us in kernel form and sized, ready for packing. This means that our product is packed and ready to be sold by the beginning of March.

“The first shake for our youngest almond property”

Photography: Belehris Estates

This process is first completed for the Non-Pareil variety, followed by Price, then Carmel. If you would like to find out more about our harvesting and packing processes, please visit the Orchard to Table page under the Process tab.

The packing stage is especially exciting for the 2021 Harvest season as we are implementing upgrades that we are sure will further enhance the quality of product you receive as customers.


We have firstly updated our carton design which is a much more vibrant form of the original design. This features a glossy image of our own almonds on all sides of the box, with the product details now being printed on top. These changes, in addition to other minor changes (such as our new website address!), really highlight our vision of excellence for our product and brand going into the future.


If you are to receive bulk orders from Belehris Estates, you will also find that these will be delivered on brand-new export-grade pallets, personalised with our Belehris Estates name. These will not only ensure peace of mind that your almonds are protected during transportation, but also that your product is visually pleasing upon arrival. This is simply the Belehris Estates difference, and you can expect more changes to come.


Are you excited about harvest and our 2021 Harvest crop? We would love to hear from you, and feel free to enquire about receiving product by sending an enquiry form, on our Contact page.

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