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Study Finds Almonds to be World’s Healthiest Food

A recent study has shown almonds to be the healthiest food item on the planet.


We have briefly touched on this on our Health Benefits page, where you can find a comprehensive list of benefits almond consumption brings. However, we thought it necessary to write a dedicated blog post for this study to go into further detail about this significant finding, and to highlight how important almond consumption really is!


Almonds were found to be the world’s healthiest food by analysing over 1000 raw foods, in terms of their ability to meet daily human nutritional requirements. The individual food items’ ability to single-handedly meet these requirements was given a ‘nutritional fitness’ score.


Almonds were given the highest nutritional fitness score of all foods tested, 97%, which shows how powerful this nut is for ensuring your body is its healthiest!

Belehris Almonds
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– Italo Vardaro

One factor determining this score is the almond’s high composition of the essential fatty acid linoleic acid. Although over 90% of foods rich in good fats (including all nuts) do not contain this, almonds contain more than 12g per 100g. Considering this is an important nutrient the human body cannot produce itself, this really shows how important almond consumption is for achieving optimal health!

Another factor contributing to almonds’ high nutritional fitness score is the combination of high vitamin E and low folate. It is suggested that although these nutrients do not majorly impact nutritional fitness scores individually, it is this combination present in almonds, as a healthy-fat-rich food, that increases the score.

We have detailed how vitamin E in almonds works to improve your health in our Health Benefits page if you would like more information. Suffice it to say that vitamin E is really given a chance to shine in almonds!

If you would like to read the full study click this link:

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